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22 Jul




     Airsafe is a company that has specialized in consultancy, monitoring, and testing of asbestos and materials that are hazardous. The firm has been in this industry for thirty years and has managed to make a good reputation for itself over the years because of their friendly customer services, rigorous quality assurance, and high technical expertise. As a homeowner, contractor or a building occupier this is the company to consult when you need a rapid response or expert advice. In this article, we shall look at some of the services offered by Airsafe, which includes:

Asbestos Emergencies

     This service is usually needed during renovation or demolition where you may notice or suspect the presence of asbestos or other materials that are hazardous. Asbestos that were unexpected can be very dangerous since they have negative health effects that are long term which can result to project delays and industrial conflicts. Airsafe has a rapid response where they respond to such case on the same day. In that, they are able to solve the problem the same day and you are free to continue with your project.

Asbestos Register and Management Plans.

     By asbestos register, I mean a list of every asbestos that is in a building for instance in a workplace building, which at times is a legal requirement. Airsafe has worked with the biggest and the smallest business in Sydney where their customers include office buildings, factories, universities and government departments. Airsafe also trains people and organizations on the best way to maintain an asbestos register and management plans.

Lead Testing

     Lead is mostly found in the soil or in the paint, it is advisable in case you notice any sign of lead you contact Airsafe since it can have a major impact on your firm's productivity or affect your staffs' health. Airsafe has been conducting lead testing for thirty years, in that, they have met all government requirements and are experienced in dealing with all hazardous materials.

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