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26 May

Loose-Fill Asbestos Fair Trading


Airsafe And Fair Trading Works In Australia


Asbestos can be an equal opportunity killer and if you plan to collect an asbestos sample for testing you need to be very careful. Always use a P2 disposable dust mask you can purchase at any hardware store. You should also complete the sample by doing this:


* Wet the material

* Collect the sample using hand tools

* Place the sample in a click lock plastic bag

* Clean your hand tools with a wet wipe and seal in a lock bag

* Take your sample to Airsafe, but call first to let them know you're coming


Airsafe is one of the most respected and reliable asbestos testing services with over 30 years of experience; you'll be in good hands with these folks.


Fair Trading And Air And Dust Assessment In Australia


This air and dust procedure is arranges by Fair Trading and always carried out by a licensed asbestos assessor who will conduct the following steps:


* A visual investigation of all living spaces of the property

* Dust and swab sampling exposure areas


* Air monitoring to determine the levels of asbestos fibres found in the home or business. If loose-fill asbestos is found, you will be eligible to have your property purchased under the NSW Government's Voluntary Purchase and Demolition Program. The homeowner will also be provided with a copy of the Fair Trading report.


Note: It is not necessary for residents to vacate their property during the air monitoring process for asbestos fibres. Homeowners should also know that there is NO safe level of exposure to asbestos. Asbestos levels are taken to determine when it is safe for a resident to reoccupy as well as being contacted to discuss the results. Also, participating homeowners will not be required to pay for the air and dust assessment. Read more information about loose-fill asbestos fair trading come visit us at our site.

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