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24 Dec

How to Get Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Testing

How to Get Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Testing

How to get loose-fill asbestos insulation testing

Do you think your home or office may be contaminated with loose-fill asbestos insulation? To be safe, under Australian law, you must get it tested as soon as possible.


This is because loose-fill asbestos insulation is not only dangerous, under the existing law it must be removed as soon as it is found and the home or office then demolished.


Why do properties have loose-fill asbestos insulation? -- Unlike places that had sheets of asbestos used for insulation, some properties in Australia had loose-fill asbestos insulation used instead.


This is small pieces of asbestos that were stuffed inside walls to insulate them. The problem is small pieces of asbestos are extremely dangerous. Tiny pieces break off and end up in the air, where they can get into people's lungs causing breathing problems and even cancer.


This is why loose-fill asbestos insulation must be removed and the building demolished as soon as it is discovered. It is the only way to treat the problem.


How to get loose-fill asbestos insulation testing? -- There are companies that specialize in loose-fill asbestos insulation. All you have to do to find them is to look on the Internet for their sites.


Once you find a company you like, contact them via web form and ask for a free consultation. They will send a tech out to your building to look at it. If he feels loose-fill asbestos insulation may be a problem, a team will be sent to do the testing. If the results come back as positive, the tech will then tell you what you need to do next.


What if the building is demolished? --- In most instances, the building and your land will be bought by local authorities for a fair price and the building will then be demolished. You will unfortunately have to look for another place to live or to a new office space to re-establish your business. Click this loose-fill asbestos fair trading for more details.

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