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23 Oct

Why is the Loose-Fill Asbestos Fair Trading Taskforce Important for your Business?

If you suspect you may have loose-fill asbestos in a building that you own, the NSW fair trading taskforce is important for you to know about. This is because the taskforce has been put into place to ensure that any business or home that has been found to have loose-fill asbestos should be dealt with correctly; meaning should be demolished in the appropriate way.

Why should a building with loose-fill asbestos be demolished? -- After much scientific testing, it was proven that the only way to be sure that a building with loose-fill asbestos was dealt with in a safe manner was to have the building demolished. Otherwise, the loose asbestos would get into the air and become a health hazard.

When demolished, however, the building is tented so that no asbestos can escape and then knocked down. This keeps the area safe for anyone who may be in it at the time of demolition.

Why do you need to know about the loose-fill asbestos fair trading taskforce? -- Once a building has been knocked down it is then up to the taskforce to make sure that you are financiallly compensated for the building and the land. That means you will work with them to ensure you get a good price.

The loose-fill asbestos fair trading taskforce will then also make sure the land is sold to the right new owner, and then built on appropriately.

How to report a potential loose-fill asbestos issue in your building? -- Contact the loose-fill asbestos fair trading taskforce and tell them that you think you may have a loose-fill asbestos problem. They will then make sure the building is tested correctly and, if this does turn out to be the case, will then walk you through the steps necessary.

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