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21 Sep

What Happens if your Building has Loose-fill Asbestos Under NSW Fair Trading Rules?

What Happens if your Building has Loose-fill Asbestos Under NSW Fair Trading Rules?

Do you think you may have loose-fill asbestos in a building you own? Do you live in Sydney, Australia and are thinking about getting it tested just to be sure?

If so, one of the things you may have heard of when it comes to loose-fill asbestos is that NSW Fair Trading has decided that any building with loose-fill asbestos should be demolished, and so has set up a taskforce to help.

If this is correct, and there is loose-filled asbestos found in a building you own in Sydney, what does this mean for you?

What happens if loose-fill asbestos is found in your building? -- After extensive research, it became pretty obvious that the only safe way to deal with a building that has loose-fill asbestos in the walls or ceilings is to demolish it. That is when the NSW Fair Trading taskforce was set up to make sure demolition of any affected building was done in the correct way.

That means, if a building you own is found to have this kind of asbestos, the taskforce will work with you to make sure it is bought from you at a reasonable price and then demolished correctly.

How do you get a reasonable price? -- Under the NSW Fair Trading rules, any building that is purchased due to asbestos contamination must go through a strict valuation process so the owner is paid a legitimate amount. Once the valuation is complete, the owner will then be told the price NSW Fair Trading is willing to pay for the property, and be signed up for the taskforce's assistance program.

Once the owner is in agreement, the property will be purchased, the building torn down and the land cleaned of all loose-filled asbestos. The land itself will then be sold to raise funds for more of NSW Fair Trading work. Read more information about loose-fill asbestos fair trading come visit us at Airsafe.net.au.

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