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27 Aug

How Do You Know If Asbestos Is In Your Home Or Business?

Asbestos is a hidden killer and hides in many places like attics, floor tiles, shingles and a number of other places. The point here being that you, a novice, can never be sure whether any material in your home or business contains asbestos. Ergo, common sense suggests that you have your property tested by a respected, experienced, professional or laboratory. Oh, sure, there are testing kits available at some stores, but the problem here is if you suddenly become a do-it-yourself person and start tearing things apart you will for sure disturb any suspect materials that do contain asbestos. Yet, even asbestos in good condition and left undisturbed still presents a health risk.

Your Asbestos Inspection Location!

Well, a referral from a trusted friend or neighbor is a good thing. Or performing a search on the Internet (asbestos contractor) is okay, too. Just make sure that your choice of inspectors is some person who is or has been properly trained since that is what the EPA (environmental protection agency) suggests.

Here Is A short "To-do" Q&A List For You To Ponder!

* Is my attic insulation a suspect? Yes! Most homes have vermiculite insulation in the attic and other places in your home and business. If the asbestos fibers have been disturbed on a regular basis and you inhale them, you've got problems.
* Buying a new or existing home? You should have a professional inspection prior to moving in.
* If you are planning a home or business remodel, you should be concerned about plenty of asbestos flying around the area thanks to material that has been torn or ripped apart. Have an inspection done prior to the remodel.

Note: In many cases, mesothelioma is the end result of asbestos.

See asbestos inspection for more information.

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